IP video intercom with DAHUA intercom kit VTO2111D-P-S2 VTH2621GW-WP wifi Switch PoE phone application

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Dahua IP video intercom set with a 7-inch touch monitor, PoE switch, the ability to integrate an alarm, gate operation and remote viewing from a mobile application. 

The Dahua KTP03  single-family IP video intercom kit  is a great solution for customers looking for  modern and designer  solutions for property entrance control systems.

The set includes:

✅  Dahua VTO2111D-P-S2 IP gateway station   with 1Mpx HD camera , enabling voice communication 

✅  VTH2621G-WP wifi Dahua indoor monitor ,

✅  PoE Switch PFS3006-4ET-36, Dahua  for connecting the set using twisted pair

✅ 12V/2A power supply,

✅  Cables , cables, connection adapters,

✅  Assembly kit

The Dahua KTP03 IP video intercom is easy to install - thanks to the power supply from  the PoE switch,  the device requires only one twisted pair (UTP) cable.

The most important features:

✅ image resolution 2Mpx

✅ modern touch, flat  7" LCD screen

✅ ability to answer calls remotely, preview using  the free  DMSS application

✅  illuminated button  and  proximity tag reader

✅ ability to open  the gate from the monitor and personal phone

✅ possibility of cooperation with both the alarm system and video monitoring

✅ POE power supply - the monitor and door station can be powered by a twisted pair cable

✅  wide viewing angle of 107 degrees

✅  high tightness class IP65,  completely protecting against the ingress of dust and strong water jets

✅  waterproof  zinc alloy door station

✅  modern and timeless design

Video intercom operation from anywhere in the world in the free DMSS application

Dahua IP systems can be operated by a dedicated  DMSS mobile application.  The application allows you to:

✅  remote viewing of the image from the video intercom camera  in real time

✅  playback of recordings and notifications

✅  conducting conversations with the caller

✅  gate entrance control

✅  recording the history of events  within the system.

The DMSS application is a universal management center for Dahua IP systems, it also allows you to manage monitoring and alarms. The program is adapted to the  Android and iOS operating systems.

Waterproof door station

The great appearance of the flat monitor  makes it fit into any type of interior, and  the small design  of the gate panel will perfectly fit any type of fence. It has  an illuminated  LED bell button . The station is designed for  surface mounting . 

The IP65 tightness class housing   is made of  a durable zinc alloy , which guarantees very good resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. 

A camera with  HD 720p resolution is enough to accurately identify the person in front of the gate station. Combined with the large size of the monitor, it gives a pristine image, full of details and beautiful colors. You can easily  recognize the face of the  incoming person, their clothes and behavior.

Infrared at night and card reader

The infrared illuminator will allow you to effectively observe at  night up to 3m away . Thanks to the wide viewing angle, you'll be able to see everything within  107°  of the exterior panel.

In addition, the panel allows you to open the entrance using  a proximity card reader  making the entire process much faster and more pleasant, without the need to open the lock with a traditional key!

Is this all that the Dahua KTP03 set can offer you? - no, you will receive more than you think!!!

✅  Control the gate  from the monitor or application on your phone. The system is compatible with all major brands without the need to use additional modules or relays .

✅  Intercom  - allows you to video call between rooms,  you can expand the system to multiple monitors . Additionally, by transmitting the signal, you can open or close the gate/gate from another room.

✅  Works with IP cameras

✅  Tamper detection  - removal from the ground

✅  Full control via your phone  - by downloading the free DMSS application you can  control your home from anywhere in the world . Using your smartphone, you will be able to answer calls and open the gate.

Communication via one cable via twisted pair

The KTP03 kit is very easy to install - thanks to the power supply from  the PoE switch,  the device only requires one type of cabling to each element (UTP cable).

The video intercom can be integrated with the alarm system . We can open the gate from the monitor or phone .

1 - Intercom

2 - Inner panel

3 - PoE Switch

4 - Motion detector

5 - IP camera

6 - Remote client

Specification of the set elements:

1. Dahua VTH2621G-WP wifi  monitor

The monitor allows  communication  with an external gate station, redirecting calls to the phone (in the application) and displaying the image from the external panel camera as well as the image from the  IP monitoring system .

The most important features:

IP Indoor Monitor VTH2621G-WP
> 7" TFT capacitive touchscreen, 1024 × 600
> 6-channel alarm input and 1-channel alarm output
> Wi-Fi connection
> Standard PoE
> Outdoor station and IPC monitor
> H.265 and H.264 video decoding
> High performance & cost-effective

Dahua VTO2111D-P-S2 door station

The device has a built-in  HD camera,  two-way voice communication system and a call button.

The most important features:

  • Station type:  1-button, Villa
  • Camera:  1 Mpx CMOS
  • Viewing angle:  107°
  • Built-in proximity reader: MIfare S50
  • IR illuminator:  Yes, built-in
  • Button illumination:  LED
  • Configuration and operation:  VDPConfig, Smart PSS, DSS Express, DMSS, Web interface
  • Communication protocols: TCP/IP, SIP 2.0, Onvif, 2-Wire, CGI, P2P
  • Relay outputs:  1x NC/NO
  • Power supply:  PoE or DC 48V 2-wire
  • Tightness/resistance class:  IP65
  • Dimensions:  135 x 71 x 35 mm
  • Installation:  surface-mounted

6-port PoE switch

The PoE switch included in the set is used to power devices directly via a UTP cable. The switch also allows additional IP network cameras to be added to the system.

The most important features:

  • LAN ports: 2 x RJ45 10/100 Base-TX - Uplink,, 4 x 10/100 Base-T ( 1 x Hi-PoE + 3 x PoE (802.3af/at) )
  • LEDs: Power, Speed, PoE, Link/Act
  • Transmission speed: 10 / 100 Mb/s: 1 LAN port + 4 LAN & PoE ports
  • Maximum total power: 36 W
  • MAC address table: 1k 
  • Certificates: CE
  • Power supply: 53 V DC / 1.13 A (power supply included)
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Dimensions: 170 x 100 x 35 mm

Accessories included

  • 1x Power supply for POE switch
  • Mounting hangers
  • Screwdriver and Allen key
  • A set of connectors, plugs and pins

Why should you trust us?

Many years of experience in the security systems sector  have resulted in gaining specialist knowledge thanks to which we can provide our services at the highest level of quality and professionalism. Knowing all the products we offer very well, we know what the highest quality equipment should be characterized by, while maintaining a competitive price.

Our specialists test all the devices we have in stock before introducing them to our offer  - we check the parameters, quality and functionality of each equipment. We do not sell even the most popular Dahua products if they have hidden defects and do not pass our quality test. We will never offer you equipment that will stop working after a year of use. We know that trust takes a long time to build and we certainly don't want to disappoint you.

Additionally you get:

✅ Individual technical support from specialized specialists

✅ Hassle-free exchange or return if the selected equipment does not meet your expectations

✅ Extended warranty period up to 36 months from the date of purchase

✅ Free access to our series of guides, reviews and online rankings

✅ Notifications about every stage of order fulfillment

✅ Safe delivery of the products you purchased

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