Hikvision IP Camera kit

If we want to increase the security of our home or office, we often choose a monitoring system. This is a very reasonable solution and a great deterrent to all those who think about disturbing order on our property, either through an act of vandalism or a more serious offense. However, for our system to perform its role well, we must be equipped with a full monitoring kit. On the ZabezpieczeniaPoznan.pl website we will learn, among other things, what should be included in such a set. It is primarily a set of cameras, but also a recorder thanks to which we can save images from the cameras. The hard drive also plays an important role as a place to save data. The monitoring set also includes a power supply and an appropriate set of accessories to connect all devices. By choosing such a set, we will be able to quickly and easily install the entire system, thanks to which our home or office will be able to benefit from all the advantages of an outdoor monitoring set.


Our store offers three types of sets: with analog, digital or wireless units. The first ones proposed are characterized by high image quality and quick installation. Transmission from this type of cameras always takes place without any disruptions, and their operation is fully intuitive even for unskilled users.


Outdoor surveillance camera sets


Other home monitoring kits  that are available from us at an extremely attractive price are digital ones. Among the proposals you will find outdoor products from the HikVision brand, which creates reliable recording devices. Our range in this category consists of cameras with a wide viewing angle equipped with an infrared illuminator. This translates into the ability to observe your home property also at night, with a guarantee of very good visibility up to several dozen meters. Moreover, this type of outdoor equipment, in addition to its impressive capabilities, is highly resistant to changing weather conditions. Thanks to them, you can rest assured that you can observe your area both on sunny and frosty and snowy days.


Home outdoor monitoring kits for everyone


In turn, for those who are looking for solutions characterized by quick and simple installation, we highly recommend cameras and accompanying wireless devices at an extremely attractive price. All devices are connected using home Wi-Fi, making installation of the entire set completely non-invasive. Eliminating the need to run cabling allows you to enjoy the possibilities offered by wireless monitoring sets in just a few moments.


Kits for monitoring and observing the home and business area


Our sets for recording images of your property and buildings include carefully selected cameras and all other necessary devices. Depending on the selected outdoor monitoring set, they include, among others: recorders enabling recording from home cameras and industrial hard drives with a capacity of up to 2 TB adapted for continuous operation. Thanks to this, they can accommodate an impressive amount of material, so playing a given film from a specific day will not be the slightest problem.


Moreover, our outdoor home monitoring kits are incredibly convenient to use. Many of the sets proposed below allow you to read images from cameras on your smartphone screen and reduce noise and interference caused when recording what was happening outside.


The domain of our company is to provide security measures to ensure the safety of various types of spaces, such as houses, apartments, garages, home workshops and small businesses. The online store's offer includes, among others, monitoring kits . They are very effective, thanks to which objects and buildings are adequately protected against burglary.


CCTV sets – what do we offer?


As part of our activities, we offer a monitoring kit . It consists of 4 cameras and a recorder ensuring high quality and smooth recording. The supplied cameras record in Full HD format, thanks to which the image is adapted to most monitors and TVs, ensuring high detail of the recorded material. Important information is the fact that the cameras and the recorder can be connected wirelessly using the WiFi module. This ensures an even higher level of safety as well as ease of installation without the need to pull long cables and wires.


The outdoor monitoring kits offered are characterized by high functionality. This is primarily due to the fact that the entire system can be operated from a computer or phone using a specially developed application. Thanks to this, you can have constant access to the image transmitted by individual cameras. It is also worth noting that the surveillance cameras are equipped with an infrared module. It is highly effective, so even deep darkness does not prevent you from recording an image from a distance of up to 30 meters.


Home monitoring kits - safety first


The mobile application gives access to the most important functions that a monitoring user expects from an efficiently operating system. Selected camera models have the ability to record only when motion is detected, and the owner of the facility can constantly control the image from the recorders in real time. When the alarm is triggered, the user is immediately informed about it, so that no event will escape the attention of the facility owner.


What is worth paying attention to are primarily the corrective functions. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the system automatically adjusts the light intensity and reduces image grain in such a way that the saved files are as useful as possible when viewing them.


Cloud recording


Very important information is the fact that the monitoring kits offered by our company have the ability to directly share files in the cloud . This means that even destroying the recorder does not result in the loss of recorded files. In addition, it is possible to store files on a network drive and on a memory card, which provides the recordings with an additional level of security.


We invite you to view all the sets available in our company's offer and choose the most appropriate solutions for your needs. Numerous projects carried out over recent years, as well as a wide range of offers of the online store, give us the confidence to meet the expectations of each customer.