Hikvision video intercoms

In our store you will find a wide range of elements necessary to create a complete video intercom system. For our clients, we have prepared products from proven, respected manufacturers in the industry. In this section you can order HikVision IP video intercoms - we offer monitors, gate stations, switches and housings of this well-known brand. We have also supplemented our HikVision product catalog with a collection of practical accessories, such as power supplies for door stations or desk stands for indoor stations.

Choose a proven brand! Hikvision WiFi video intercoms at an affordable price


HikVision products include: modern monitors with a capacitive touch screen and built-in speaker. They enable monitoring images from multiple cameras and direct conversation with the person at the gate station. It is the monitors that make HikVision wifi video intercoms so convenient to use. The user is provided with a simple, intuitive interface that allows for efficient operation of the entire system.


There may be a door station at the other "end" of the installation . HikVision offers, among others: affordable models with a 1/4" CMOS camera, an audio input in the form of an omnidirectional microphone and a loudspeaker supported by a noise reduction system.