Dahua NVR recorder

One of the most important elements of the monitoring system are BCS recorders of IP cameras . In our store you will find video recorders that will allow you to efficiently monitor a facility or area with 4, 8, 16, 32 or even 128 cameras. We encourage you to choose a device adapted to the size of the system - thanks to our wide range, this will not be a problem.


IP recorders, digital BCS for monitoring with recording option


It is worth choosing IP camera recorders that are equipped with the option of recording image and sound. The devices we offer automatically search for cameras within their range, and selected ones also send notifications to e-mail addresses. Video recorders also guarantee the security of our network - by capturing unwanted events, for example unauthorized logins. They also inform you that the disk is full of data and that the recordings need to be deleted so that the image can be continued.


If you want to ensure proper operation of all your cameras, the devices presented below become necessary to achieve this goal. In our store we have available IP camera recorders at attractive prices, both for complex and the smallest systems.


We invite you to choose the best digital recorders for BCS monitoring in the offer of the Zabezpieczenia Poznań store.

HikVision /dahua IP recorders


Devices from this world-class manufacturer become the heart of every monitoring. Thanks to their multifunctionality, they can be used both in small home installations and in highly developed monitoring systems for shops and other enterprises. The technological solutions that the IP camera recorders we offer include the ability to remotely operate and manage data from your mobile device. A user who is away from home or company premises can easily connect to the monitoring system and view the transmitted image or delete saved files to make room for new data.


Moreover, HikVision/dahua  IP recorders available in our store at an attractive price are compatible with devices from various manufacturers. Thanks to this, if you already have monitoring equipment, you can easily connect it to many of the devices presented below.


HikVision/dahua  IP camera recorders guarantee high protection at a low price


The range below includes equipment that really increases the level of security on company premises or private property. First of all, capacious hard drives with a capacity of several terabytes enable cameras to operate 24 hours a day. Thanks to the installed HDMI inputs, including 4K, the recorded image is kept in high resolution. Moreover, many of HikVision/dahua 's IP recorders have motion detection, scene change detection, face detection, intrusion detection and line crossing detection. Thanks to this, the area is under constant surveillance and the owner is immediately informed in the event of a threat.


HikVision/dahua devices – nothing can be hidden from them


The high-class equipment of this manufacturer is confirmed by the fact that many of the following models are equipped with the smart tracking function. It involves automatically pointing the camera at a moving object. Regardless of whether it is a person or a car, the lens follows it until it disappears from view. Thanks to the fact that the HikVision/dahua  IP recorders presented below allow you to connect up to 128 cameras , you can use them to create a system that ensures accurate verification of every corner of the property.