Dahua IP Camera

The IP surveillance cameras we offer enable the recording of images from cameras and are the central part of the monitoring system. All of them also work with cameras in the ONVIF system. Depending on your needs, you can choose a set of IP cameras with resolutions from 720p to 4K Ultra HD. Unlike analog (IP) cameras, IP CCTV cameras can operate as independent devices - thanks to the built-in web server. The image quality obtained is, of course, incomparably higher thanks to the use of an IP camera. The price we offer for high-quality equipment is affordable and depends on individual models .


Wired IP surveillance cameras


In our product catalog you will find IP CCTV cameras with cabling that is standard for this type of devices (UTP twisted pair). We also offer modern wireless models. The image recorded on the camera can be monitored live using a web browser or special, Polish-language software attached to IP camera sets by the manufacturer (compatible with Android, iOS, Windows). Each set includes a mouse and instructions that will allow you to connect the IP camera yourself .


We encourage you to choose the best camera for you - dome, tube, rotating or specialized, and contact our advisors. It is worth knowing that all products offered in our store come with a 24-month warranty and are available immediately. We also offer an attractive discount to every customer who creates an account in our store!


Monitoring from IP cameras


Building a modern and fully functional monitoring system is not an easy task for everyone, because you need to have specialist knowledge in this area. The store, located atbezpieczenpoznan.pl, has a range of great camera models, but also recorders necessary for the entire system to function properly. If they want to buy IP cameras cheaply , our clients can rest assured that they will be able to achieve this goal. In addition, we also provide professional advice in every aspect.


We perfectly understand that price is important to consumers, which is why we make every effort to offer models with an excellent ratio of quality and technical capabilities to cost. If someone has a slightly older cable infrastructure and wants to build professional monitoring on its basis , such a possibility exists. This is made possible by cameras operating via coaxial cable , or to put it more professionally - using a coaxial cable. The number of models available from us is impressive. These are products of such recognized brands as BCS or HikVision.


Pan-tilt IP cameras


Users may have different needs and capabilities when creating a video surveillance network. When the power supply via twisted pair cable is adequate, you can find models operating in this mode at poznan.pl . In addition, we are aware of the need to ensure the widest range of proper operation of monitoring systems. Therefore, we recommend PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) IP cameras, thanks to which you can obtain a full range of views, for example in warehouse facilities. In addition, some of them will also pass the test outdoors thanks to the IP 66 tightness class.


Outdoor IP cameras


By choosing good-class outdoor cameras prepared by our store, you can safely look at the safety of private properties, as well as parking lots or squares where elements of the infrastructure of business entities are located - for example, in the form of specialized vehicles. We guarantee that our approach to monitoring is based, first of all, on providing customers with reliable equipment, regardless of its detailed parameters.


Indoor IP cameras


It's clear that sometimes you need cameras designed for outdoor use, and other times you need indoor models. The latter are chosen most often because customers want to secure company premises, houses, warehouses and public utility facilities. In turn, where it is inadvisable or difficult to lay many meters of cables, wireless IP cameras will work great - they work based on Wi-Fi technology.