Dahua Video Intercom Kit

Video intercoms

Modern IP video intercom sets from brands such as BCS, Dahua or Panasonic are appreciated by many customers who want to feel safe while staying in their homes, apartments or larger facilities, e.g. offices or company headquarters. The IP video intercom kits available in our offer are reliable solutions that allow for easy and quick control of who appears on and inside a given facility. Ease of use, high quality of workmanship and affordable prices are the advantages that distinguish this manufacturer's solutions on the market.


IP video intercom sets – tailored to individual needs

The above-mentioned video intercoms brands can be expanded with additional digital cameras, monitors (also in single-family buildings) and gate panels. Thus, monitoring can be created in a simple way and with little investment. This only requires configuration changes. Among the functionalities of these devices, it is worth mentioning that the image displayed on the panels can be viewed on portable devices, and audio and video messages left by guests can be recorded during the absence of the facility's owners.


BCS IP video intercom sets can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

We encourage you to read the detailed specifications of the IP video intercoms from the manufacturer BCS. Our experts will advise you on sets tailored to your individual capabilities, expectations and needs.

Industry experts know perfectly well that many factors contribute to a high level of security in a facility. Currently, modern systems that offer the ability to control who we let inside are very popular. Today, a videophone set is a basic equipment of almost every property, both public buildings and private premises. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Security Poznań, which includes a wide selection of devices from manufacturers such as Hikvision.


Videophone - a set tailored to your needs

Our assortment includes a wide selection of devices. The ability to control who we let inside allows us to prevent many potential dangers. Each of them is carefully designed and manufactured equipment from renowned manufacturers in the industry. We offer our clients technologies from 5TECH, Akuvox, BCS, Competition/VIDOS, Greon by Elfon, Hikvision and Vidos. Brands known and appreciated by experts are a guarantee of durability, longevity and functionality of the devices.


Hikvision IP video intercom - a set for demanding customers

We offer devices from Hikvision. Professional video intercom sets from the manufacturer are successfully used in many facilities. Hikvision IP devices are high-quality equipment that is additionally distinguished by its high style. IP technology, thanks to the support of the network protocol, offers the possibility of establishing a connection with the end device.


Wide range of applications

The products we offer are available in a wide range of configurations. Thanks to this, they are successfully selected for various types of facilities. Today we can find them in places such as:

  • apartments and private houses, as well as segments in terraced houses
  • entrances to properties of multi-family complexes
  • production and warehouse complexes
  • office buildings Nevertheless, it is worth noting that modern technologies can be installed wherever the need arises.


Video intercom sets - advantages

Traditional bells mounted on the gate, gate or door only inform about the arrival of guests. Today, thanks to innovative technologies, you can check who the guest is and, in the absence of household members, also find out who visited you. What else is unique and what are the advantages of the solutions we propose? First of all, simplicity of use. The devices offer easy and quick access control to a given facility . Moreover, each of them is distinguished by high quality of workmanship. At Zabezpieczenia Poznań you will also find video intercom sets from renowned manufacturers in the industry (e.g. Hikvision) at attractive prices. Models with IP technology can be expanded with additional digital cameras, monitors or gate panels. This is a simple and proven way to create your own monitoring. You only need to make appropriate configuration changes. Moreover, IP technology also means high functionality. For example, images displayed on panels can also be transmitted on portable devices. Moreover, it is possible to record audio and video messages left by guests during the absence of household members.

Video intercoms - how do they work?

Modern video intercoms with a camera are devices that support the comfort of your home or company. We are aware that customer expectations are growing and the products must be of the highest standard.


Which video intercom should you choose?

Video intercoms, in addition to recording calls made by people entering, also provide the function of opening doors with mobile devices. Video intercoms are, in simple terms, intercoms with additional functions. This means that they have a number of functionalities, such as: operation from the telephone, gate and gate control from the monitor, operation from RFID readers or opening from the encryption level . We currently recommend video intercoms compatible with mobile devices, so that even when traveling, household members can remotely manage the system and view the device's memory . One of the additional factors is the option of installing an electric strike opening button. An important element of the set is a camera with an appropriately wide viewing angle . Check out our ready-made sets, where we provide the most important functions. You can then be sure that you will safely adjust the contents of your shopping cart in the store.


Video intercom - price is not everything

The criteria that we can follow when choosing a video intercom, apart from the obvious ones such as price, are the quality of the material and the method of mounting the devices. Video intercom gate stations are available in flush-mounted and surface-mounted versions. Depending on the type of fence we have, we will use the appropriate installation. Due to the large number of solutions, we offer products that create ready-made video intercom sets . The store's offer includes selected models, which consist of models fitted by specialists .


Video intercom with WiFi

Complete sets of video intercoms with WiFi monitors usually include functionalities such as: intercom function, operation on a mobile phone, solid workmanship, photo storage, space for a memory card inside the device's memory, operation from a free application, independent input control, support for additional readers, support for key fobs RFID.

Video intercom is currently an excellent solution providing security functions in the building, most of the system can be expanded with a monitoring kit. By creating a hybrid security system, we can be sure that our facility will be safe during holidays in the absence of household members.


Which video intercom with a phone application?

The Zabezpieczenia Poznań store's assortment includes two-family video intercoms , single-family video intercoms with access on a smartphone and tablet, intercoms, and electric strikes for video intercoms. Remember that when buying in a set, the price of such a package will be lower than when purchasing it from separate elements.


We make every effort to ensure that the quality of our equipment ensures appropriate safety, and at the time of purchase, please contact us to provide technical support. Our hotline is open during the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Specialists in the selection of security measures and many years of experience in the industry will enable a free and proven selection of equipment. If you need help and need more information, contact us by e-mail or call us and complete your shopping.