Hikvision DS-2DE4425IW-DE(T5) PTZ Camera Acusense 25xOptical Zoom AI Functions Night Range 100 meters

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Hikvision DS-2DE4425IW-DE(T5) ACUSENSE 4MPX ZOOM outdoor high-speed IP camera

The PTZ camera with a 4.8~120mm varifocal lens operates in the IP system. It uses a 1/2.8" 4Mpx sensor , which allows operation at a resolution of 2560x1440px. This camera is part of the AcuSense PTZ series , which is equipped with intelligent image analysis technology . The camera also has a built-in IR illuminator with an operating range of up to 100 m . Thanks to its 25x zoom optics, the camera offers more detail without compromising image quality over large areas. The device can be powered by 12V AC or Po

Why choose this camera model?

✅ maximum resolution 2560x1440 (4 MPx)

✅ can be rotated 360° horizontally and up to 90° vertically

✅ has adjustable objects 4.8-120 mm with optical zoom x25 and digital zoom x16

✅ a very sensitive transducer adapted to work in difficult lighting conditions

✅ intelligent detection functions - perimeter protection, face detection, object classification (human/vehicle)

✅ filtering false alarms based on person and vehicle recognition

✅ WDR120dB - wide dynamic range of lighting

✅ the camera has image archiving functions via a microSD card - no need to install an additional recorder

✅ remote access from your mobile phone (Android, iOS)

✅ IR illuminator with a range of up to 100 m allows the camera to process good quality images in complete darkness

✅ ANR - emergency image recording on a microSD card in the absence of connection with the recorder (network failure) with subsequent synchronization

✅ alarm inputs/outputs - possibility of integration with the alarm system

✅ audio inputs/outputs - ability to connect a bidirectional microphone

✅ thanks to the IP66 tightness class , it guarantees full resistance to strong water streams and dust - it can be installed outdoors

✅ POE power supply - the camera can be powered via twisted pair (UTP) or from a 24V power supply

Where will it work best?

The Hikvision DS-2DE4425IW-DE(T5) PTZ camera is a camera dedicated to outdoor monitoring systems where advanced image analytics are required even in low light conditions. It is perfect for facilities such as:

✅ large single-family houses

✅ railway stations

✅ airports

✅ parks

✅ state facilities

Remote viewing on mobile devices (Android, iOS)

Hikvision  offers access to free  Hik-Connect client software for its products . The software is used to preview the image and manage camera configuration. 

Additionally, it has the function:

✅  share your device with other users

✅  Playback of video recordings

✅  Real-time image recording

✅  remote control of security systems

✅  convenient and safe login using fingerprints

✅  e-map support

✅  displaying alarm messages

✅  advanced search by events

Acusense false positive filtering and 24 privacy masks

The camera uses Acusense technology that allows it to distinguish objects appearing in the frame (a person, a car or a small animal) and filter out false alarms. Small animals, moving leaves, rain or falling shadows do not trigger an alarm and you only receive important notifications on your phone.

Thanks to the privacy mask system , you can easily specify up to 24 parts of the image to be excluded from the video preview, providing greater control over privacy and thus protecting sensitive private areas (GDPR).

Better visibility at night

The DS-2DE4425IW-DE(T5) PTZ camera is equipped with a modern IR illuminator with a range of up to 100 meters with the support of Power by Darkfighter technology, which is characterized by high image quality in difficult lighting conditions.

Image quality enhancement features

WDR 120dB technology guarantees good visibility of objects located in dark areas of the image through the use of gamma correction.

Other digital image correction functions and additional possibilities:

✅ BLC/HLC - background light/strong light compensation

✅ 3D-DNR - digital noise reduction in the image

✅ EIS - allows you to maintain a stable image even when the camera is moving

✅ ROI - improving the quality of selected image fragments

✅ F-DNR - allows you to reduce noise related to precipitation

✅ AGC - automatic signal level regulation

✅ AWB - automatic white balance

✅ ICR - Mechanical infrared filter

✅ Intelligent 3D positioning system

Hikvision H.265+ intelligent codec

Signal encoding using  the H.265 algorithm  allows you to optimize the basic functions of the camera. The H.265 codec algorithm enables  better use of network bandwidth,   significantly  reduces interference  and guarantees  a long archiving time of recordings  without compromising image quality.

The use of the H.265+ codec allows you to save approximately 50% of space compared to the H.265 version, and over 90% compared to the older version of the codec - H.264 .

Waterproof construction

The camera's IP66 rating means it is completely protected against dust and powerful water jets.

This means that the DS-2DE4425IW-DE(T5) camera can be used in a variety of weather conditions, including rain, snow or strong winds, without fear of damaging its components . The IP66 tightness class also ensures that the camera can be used in places where there is a lot of dust, such as warehouses, industrial halls or mechanical workshops.

The camera's ability to operate in a wide temperature range (from -30 to 65C) makes it perfect for both frosty winter nights and hot summer days.

MicroSD memory card slot = emergency ANR recording

The DS-2DE4425IW-DE(T5) camera has a slot for a microSD memory card with a capacity of up to 256 GB , which allows you to save recordings directly on the memory card. This feature is particularly useful when there is no network access or in the event of a network failure to ensure continuous recording.

Thanks to the ANR function , when the camera regains connection to the network, the data recorded on the memory card is automatically synchronized with the recordings saved in the recorder, which ensures continuous recording. Thanks to this, recordings are always available, even if the network connection is lost.

2 ways to connect

The DS-2DE4425IW-DE(T5) industrial camera can be powered in two ways:

✅ traditionally via a 12VAC socket (power supply)

✅ via UTP twisted pair using High Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology directly via a Switch or PoE recorder.

The use of the PoE standard brings many benefits, including reducing installation costs and time thanks to a simplified cabling structure and eliminating the need to install additional power supplies. Moreover, the camera can be powered at a distance of up to 100 meters.

List of devices:

1. PoE camera

2. PoE recorder

3. Router

4. Mobile devices/PC

5. Monitor/TV

Camera Specifications:

  • sensor: 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
  • resolution: 2560×1440 @ 25/30 fps
  • interface: 10/100 Base-TX (RJ-45)
  • compression: H.265+/ H.265/ H.264+/ H.264
  • number of pixels: 4Mpx
  • zoom: optical (25x), digital (16x)
  • adjustable lens: 4.8~120mm
  • sensitivity: 0.005lux/F1.6 (AGC ON), 0lux (IR LED ON)
  • illuminator: IR diodes (range 100m)
  • image enhancement functions: AWB, AGC, BLC, HLC, EIS, 3D DNR, WDR 120dB, ROI, Defog
  • mechanical ICR infrared filter
  • AI functions : perimeter protection, face detection, object classification (human/vehicle)
  • AcuSense - object classification with alarm filtering
  • powered-by-DarkFighter - work in low light
  • audio: external microphone input, audio output, sound detection, two-way audio support, noise reduction
  • alarm inputs/outputs: 2/1
  • support for microSD/SDHC/SDXC cards up to 256GB
  • compliance with standards: ONVIF 19.12
  • processing speed and resolution: 25 fps for 1920×1080 (1080p)
  • image preview:
  • programs: iVMS-4200, Hik-Central
  • web browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Android or iOS applications: Hik-Connect, Hik-ProConnect
  • DS-1602ZJ mount included with the camera
  • power supply: 12V AC or PoE
  • housing: tightness class (IP66)
  • warranty: 36 months
  • dimensions: Ø 165 x 290 mm (without handle); 245 x 165 x 240 mm (with handle)

Why should you trust us?

Our specialists test all the devices we have in stock before introducing them to our offer - we check the parameters, quality and functionality of each equipment. We do not sell even the most popular HikVision products if they have hidden defects and do not pass our quality test. We will never offer you equipment that will stop working after a year of use. We know that trust takes a long time to build and we certainly don't want to disappoint you.

Additionally you get:

✅  Individual technical support from specialized specialists

✅  Hassle-free exchange or return if the selected equipment does not meet your expectations

✅  Free access to our series of guides, reviews and online rankings

✅  Notifications about every stage of order fulfillment

✅  Safe delivery of the products you purchased

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