HIKVISION DS-2CD2186G2-ISU (2.8mm) 8Mpix vandal-proof IP camera, AcuSense DarkFighter Microphone

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The HIKVISION DS-2CD2186G2-ISU ACUSENSE vandal-proof IP dome camera has an 8 megapixel 2.8 mm (111º) lens, DarkFighter technology (increasing the camera's sensitivity at night), Acusense filtering false alarms, built-in microphone, VCA analytics, object classification.

The camera provides excellent image quality in Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution (8 megapixels), unlike older cameras that processed images in a maximum resolution of 960x1080p. Excellent recording quality is very important, it allows you to accurately verify various types of events (burglary, devastation). The better the recording quality, the greater the chance of catching the perpetrator of the incident - so choose high-quality cameras from a proven manufacturer Hikvision today .

Why choose this camera model?

✔ records in a resolution of up to 8 Mpx (3840×2160) - this is very high quality guaranteeing a wide frame and high pixel density

✔ has a 2.8 mm wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 111°

✔ has remote live view in the manufacturer's application (Android, iOS)

✔ DarkFighter - allows you to obtain a clear, colorful image in difficult lighting conditions

✔ AcuSense - allows you to distinguish objects appearing in the frame (a person, a car or a small animal)

✔ intelligent image analysis - motion detection, line crossing, intrusion, face detection, people and vehicle classification

✔ the camera has image archiving functions via a microSD card up to 256 GB - no need to install an additional recorder

✔ has a built-in microphone - it allows you to record not only images, but also sound

✔ WDR120 - wide dynamic range of lighting

✔ IR illuminator with a range of 30m allows the camera to process good quality images in complete darkness

✔ thanks to the IP67 tightness class, it guarantees full resistance to strong water streams and dust - it can be installed outdoors

✔ IK10 - damage resistance class (vandal resistance)

✔ H.265+ compression the latest international video compression standard

✔ POE power supply - the camera can be powered via twisted pair (UTP) or from a 12V power supply.

✔ gives you the freedom to install it inside or outside the house

Acusense, ROL function and built-in microphone

The AcuSense series uses artificial intelligence (AI) self-learning technology to distinguish objects appearing in the frame and filter out alarms. This technology can distinguish between a person, a car or a small animal. Small animals, moving leaves, rain or falling shadows do not trigger an alarm.

The intelligent RoI (Region of Interest) function allows you to increase the quality of selected image fragments and reduce the quality of other fragments. This has a positive impact on the use of the processing power of the signal processor, reducing network bandwidth requirements and improving the identification of only the most important points.

The built-in microphone is a great tool for communication in the monitored facility, it ensures high audio quality and the effectiveness of the collected information.

IR / Darkfighter / EXIR infrared illuminator

The Hikvision DS-2CD2186G2-ISU IP camera is equipped with a modern IR infrared illuminator with a range of up to 30 m . The illuminator enables better monitoring at night with different light intensity. If you install a camera at the entrance door/window and place it facing the yard, you can easily check whether there is an intruder hanging around your house.

DarkFighter is a modern type of image sensor matrix that uses Ultra Low Light technology , which significantly improves image quality in very low light conditions. The excellent image quality of the Darkfighter series cameras is also influenced by other matrix functions, such as: image resolution (min. Full HD ), recording speed and WDR 120 dB double scanning technology . Cameras with the Darkfighter matrix cope exceptionally well with recording on the day/night border (matrix sensitivity of 0.001 lx for color images) and in black and white mode (0.0001 lx). Hikvision DarkFighter series cameras are invisible guards, they do not require additional infrared or LED illuminators - they can work in total darkness, perfectly recording the monitored area.

EXIR infrared heaters use modern technology of highly efficient EXIR series infrared diodes . Unlike standard radiators with round diodes, EXIR radiators produce a luminous flux with a rectangular volume. Thanks to this, they perfectly and evenly cover the entire observation plan, both the central points of the image and the corners. In standard technology, the center of the scene was usually overexposed, while the corners of the image were underexposed.

Motion detection + intelligent image analysis

The Hikvision DS-2CD2186G2-ISU IP dome camera has a built-in motion detection algorithm, which allows you to record images only when motion is detected in a given zone. This function significantly extends the amount of recorded material from important moments.

Thanks to the built-in PIR motion sensor , you will receive an immediate warning on your phone. You will access the camera, see what is happening and take action in time. By configuring motion sensitivity and PIR scheduling, you can make your camera smarter to catch what really matters.

Intelligent Image Analysis - this function triggers an alarm after crossing a designated line, intrusion, scene change, detecting an entrance or exit from an area, and even has a face detection algorithm.

Artificial intelligence (AI) features:

  • Face recognition (face comparison, face capture, face search by photo)
  • Perimeter protection (video analysis to recognize people and vehicles to reduce false alarms)
  • Heat map (graphical representation of data represented by colors)
  • Virtual line crossing function (crossing a previously designated line activates the alarm and starts recording)
  • POS (the recorder can work with cash register terminals)
  • Object counting function (the system counts objects crossing the virtual line)

Remote viewing on mobile devices (Android, iOS)

Hikvision  offers access to free  Hik-Connect client software for its products . The software is used to preview the image and manage camera configuration. 

Additionally, it has the function:

✅  share your device with other users

✅  Playback of video recordings

✅  Real-time image recording

✅  remote control of security systems

✅  convenient and safe login using fingerprints

✅  e-map support

✅  displaying alarm messages

✅  advanced search by events

Acusense Fake filtering and built-in microphone

AcuSense technology minimizes false alarms caused by moving objects that are not people or vehicles to improve monitoring efficiency and effectiveness. 

Small animals, moving leaves, rain or falling shadows do not trigger an alarm, so you do not receive irrelevant notifications by phone or e-mail, the technology significantly extends the ability to record material on a hard drive or microSD card.

The built-in microphone  is a great tool for communication in the monitored facility, it ensures high audio quality and the effectiveness of the collected information.

Other digital image correction functions and additional possibilities:

  • AcuSense series camera
  • Darkfighter - improved image quality in low light conditions
  • WDR - 120 dB - Wide dynamic range of lighting
  • 3D-DNR - Digital image noise reduction
  • ROI - improving the quality of selected image fragments
  • ANR - image recording on the card when there is no connection with the recorder (network failure) and subsequent synchronization
  • Anti-Flicker - Technology that eliminates the eye-straining effect of image flickering
  • EXIR - a technology of highly effective infrared diodes that evenly illuminate the entire scene, both the central point and the corners
  • Day/night mode
  • ICR - Mechanical infrared filter
  • WB - White balance
  • AGC - Automatic image gain control
  • RESET button
  • Ability to change resolution, quality and bandwidth
  • Sharpness - Sharpening the contours of the image
  • Mirror - Mirror image of the image
  • Motion detection
  • Filtering false alarms based on person and vehicle recognition
  • Customizable privacy zones
  • Intelligent Image Analysis - line crossing, intrusion, entry/exit detection, scene change, advanced face capture functions

Camera Specifications:

  • Model: DS-2CD2186G2-ISU;
  • DarkFighter series camera - improved image quality in low light;
  • Acusense helps distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects;
  • Dome housing: metal;
  • Lens: fixed focal length 2.8 mm ;
  • Resolution: 8 Mpx ;
  • Viewing angle: 111° ;
  • Audio: built-in microphone, ambient noise filtering (1 input, 1 output);
  • Recording speed: 20 fps @ 4K;
  • Features that correct image quality ;
  • IR illuminator range: 30 m;
  • Mobile phone access: Hik-Connect app;
  • Image compression method: H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264;
  • Application: outdoor and indoor facilities;
  • Tightness class: IP67 ;
  • Alarm: 1 input 1 output;
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to 60 °C;
  • Power supply: POE , 12 V DC;
  • Power Consumption: ≤ 6W @ PoE ≤ 7.5W @ 12V DC
  • Dimensions: Ø 121.4 mm × 92.2 mm;
  • Weight: 0.59 kg

Extended digital dynamic range D-WDR - this technology allows you to obtain clear, high-quality images in unfavorable lighting conditions.

D-WDR 120dB technology provides greater functionality compared to BLC. Underexposed objects in the image are brightened, while overexposed objects are darkened. Thanks to this, all image elements are visible, even if there is significant contrast. The advantage of cameras equipped with the WDR function is obtaining high-quality images regardless of whether they are used outdoors or indoors . The camera with the WDR function can work in places exposed to strong sunlight without affecting the quality of the 

Image quality enhancement features

DWDR technology   guarantees good visibility of objects in dark areas of the image through the use of gamma correction.  

Other digital image correction functions and additional possibilities:

✅  BLC/HLC  - background light/strong light compensation

✅  3D-DNR  - Digital image noise reduction

✅  AGC  - automatic signal level regulation

✅  AWB -  automatic white balance

✅  ICR  - Mechanical infrared filter

Waterproof housing with IP67 tightness class and resistance to mechanical damage IK10

When choosing a camera, it is worth paying attention to the IP67 tightness class and IK10 durability. These are the deterioration of the camera's protection against external factors and mechanical damage. Thanks to the highest quality materials from which the housing is made, the Hikvision DS-2CD2186G2-ISU camera guarantees failure-free operation, is vandal-proof , and completely protects against the ingress of dust and strong water jets.

The camera's ability to operate in a wide temperature range (from -30 to 60°C) makes it perfect for both cold winter nights and hot summer days

Memory card slot + ANR

The camera also has a microSD card slot up to 256 GB , so the camera does not require a recorder to record the image.

The ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) function in the Hikvision DS-2CD2186G2-ISU camera - guarantees continuity of recordings in the event of a network failure. It works by automatically saving recordings on a microSD card placed inside the camera, and after the failure stops, the recordings are automatically synchronized with the recorder.

Hikvision H.265+ intelligent codec

Signal encoding using  the H.265 algorithm  allows you to optimize the basic functions of the camera. The H.265 codec algorithm enables  better use of network bandwidth,   significantly  reduces interference  and guarantees  a long archiving time of recordings  without compromising image quality.

The use of the H.265+ codec allows you to save approximately 50% of space compared to the H.265 version, and over 90% compared to the older version of the codec - H.264 .

POE power supply

PoE technology   is a simple way to connect  IP monitoring  in key places. Traditional PoE technology   allows you to power devices located up to  100  meters away (  802.3af standard,  when using CAT.5 cabling). Hikvision DS-2CD2083G2-I IP  camera  can be powered via twisted pair  (UTP)

Why should you trust us?

Our specialists test all the devices we have in stock before introducing them to our offer - we check the parameters, quality and functionality of each equipment. We do not sell even the most popular HikVision products if they have hidden defects and do not pass our quality test. We will never offer you equipment that will stop working after a year of use. We know that trust takes a long time to build and we certainly don't want to disappoint you.

Additionally you get:

✅  Individual technical support from specialized specialists

✅  Hassle-free exchange or return if the selected equipment does not meet your expectations

✅  Free access to our series of guides, reviews and online rankings

✅  Notifications about every stage of order fulfillment

✅  Safe delivery of the products you purchased

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