DAHUA IP Camera IPC-HFW2849S-S-IL-0280B 8MP 4K WizSense Smart Dual Illumination Microphone

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Dahua IPC-HFW2849S-S-IL-0280B is a WizSense S2 series camera equipped with modern technologies such as AI artificial intelligence (including perimetry and SMD Plus) and Smart Dual Illuminators.

✅ Smart Dual Illuminators - IR and LED night illuminators can work in 3 different modes;

✅ WizSense AI - perimeter protection with false alarm filtering;

The IPC-HFW2849S-S-IL-0280B camera is an excellent choice for monitoring systems with advanced motion detection with intelligent night illumination. Dedicated to work in outdoor areas, it is perfect for facilities such as:

✅ single-family house

✅ company

✅ shop

✅ parking

Why choose this camera model?

✅ records in 8MPx resolution (3840x2160) - this is high quality guaranteeing a wide frame and high pixel density

✅ has a 2.8mm lens with a wide viewing angle of approx. 111°

✅ Smart Dual Illuminators - ability to switch between different LED/IR night lighting modes with a range of up to 30 meters

✅ Full-Color allows you to obtain a colorful (clear) image even in very poor lighting conditions

✅ AI WizSense artificial intelligence with perimeter protection function increases the level of security and guarantees the detection of all unwanted events

✅ SMD+ intelligent motion detection (human, motor vehicle, motorless vehicle)

✅ has remote live viewing in the manufacturer's application

✅ the camera has image archiving functions via a microSD card up to 256 GB - no need to install an additional recorder

✅ sound detection - has a function thanks to which it reacts to any disturbing signal

✅ has a built-in microphone - it also allows you to record sound

✅ thanks to the IP67 tightness class , it guarantees full resistance to strong water streams and dust - it can be installed outdoors

✅ POE power supply - the camera can be powered via twisted pair (UTP) or from a 12V power supply.

✅ gives you the freedom to install it inside or outside the house , thanks to the adjustable leg (it can be mounted on the wall or in the soffit).

Smart Dual Illuminators - 3 night illumination modes

The IPC-HFW2849S-S-IL-0280B camera is equipped with Smart Dual Illuminators technology , which allows you to switch between lighting modes. The user can choose between white LED light mode (24/h color) and IR infrared mode . With active Smart Dual Illuminators, the white light will only turn on when an object is detected in the monitored area. If the detected object leaves the monitored area, the LED illuminator will automatically switch to infrared illumination.

The Dahua IP camera offers three lighting modes:

✅ IR mode - the camera only works with IR illuminator (black and white image)

✅ White Light mode - the camera only works with a white light LED illuminator (color image)

✅ Smart Dual Illuminators mode - the camera will automatically switch to the LED illuminator after detecting movements in a given zone

SMD+ false alarm filtering

The camera uses artificial intelligence (AI) self-learning technology to distinguish objects appearing in the frame and filter out alarms.

This technology can distinguish between a person, a car or a small animal. Small animals, moving leaves, rain or falling shadows do not trigger an alarm.

The Dahua IPC-HFW2849S-S-IL-0280B camera has a built-in advanced motion detection algorithm , which allows you to record images only when motion is detected in a given zone. Sound detection will immediately inform you about the detection of any unusual noise. This function significantly increases the amount of recorded material at important moments.

From the device menu, WEB browser and Smart PSS client program, we can configure four additional alarm functions:

✅ Crossing the Line

✅ Intrusion/leaving the area

✅ Sound detection

Remote viewing on mobile devices (Android, iOS)

Dahua offers access to free DMSS client software for its products . The software is used to preview the image and manage camera configuration.

Additionally, it has the function:

✅ share your device with other users

✅ Playback of video recordings

✅ Real-time image recording

✅ remote control of security systems

✅ convenient and safe login using fingerprints

✅ e-map support

✅ displaying alarm messages

✅ advanced search by events

Additional features:

✅ WDR - 120 dB - Wide dynamic range of lighting

✅ 3D-DNR - Digital image noise reduction

✅ ROI - improving the quality of selected image fragments

✅ BLC/HLC - background light/strong light compensation

✅ Full Color - colorful night mode

✅ WB - White balance (ATW/AWB/manual/internal/external)

✅ AGC - Automatic image gain adjustment

✅ Customizable privacy zones

✅ Mirror - Mirror image

✅ Built-in white LED illuminator

✅ Sound detection

✅ SMD+ search for an object classified as: human, motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle

✅ IVS analysis : crossing the line, intrusion - classification of people and vehicles

Waterproof housing with IP67 tightness class

When choosing a camera, it is worth paying attention to the tightness class. This is the degree of protection of the camera against external factors. Thanks to the highest quality materials from which the DAHUA IPC-HFW2849S-S-IL-0280B camera dome housing with IP67 class is made , it guarantees failure-free operation and completely protects against the ingress of dust and strong water jets.

The camera's ability to operate in a wide temperature range (from -40 to 60°C) makes it perfect for both frosty winter nights and hot summer days.

IP camera with memory card slot

The camera also has a microSD card slot up to 256 GB , so the camera does not require an additional recorder to record the image. When the memory limit is exceeded, the camera automatically overwrites the oldest recordings . The capacity of 256 GB is enough for approximately 7 days of continuous recording at 20 fps.

IP cameras with a memory card slot enable autonomous operation as a single-channel recorder , so it is possible to create a complete monitoring system based on only one device.

Wide viewing angle

A lens with a focal length of 2.8 mm allows for a viewing angle of approximately 111º , so the cameras can be mounted above doors or in narrow passages to obtain a wide field of view. In the photo below we see how large an area our camera can capture. This is an ideal solution for monitoring an area requiring the highest image quality on large outdoor surfaces.

Built-in microphone

The built-in unidirectional microphone is a tool that allows you to collect sounds from one direction, which increases the effectiveness of recording conversations or other sounds in the monitored facility. The high audio quality provided by such a microphone allows accurate reproduction of sounds, which is especially important in the case of monitoring, when this information may be crucial to ensuring the safety and proper functioning of the facility. Thanks to this tool, you can collect and analyze important information related to the behavior of people in the facility or detect possible threats. A unidirectional microphone is therefore a very useful tool for monitoring systems, especially where it is necessary to record sounds from one specific place or direction.

POE power supply

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a solution that enables easy and quick installation of network devices as well as convenient operation and modernization of the installation . Thanks to PoE in the 802.3af standard, the IP camera can be connected using a standard UTP twisted-pair cable, which greatly simplifies the monitoring system and allows the camera to be placed anywhere, regardless of the mains power source.

Advantages of using PoE:

✅ integration with the existing Ethernet network

✅ automatic configuration

✅ lower installation cost

✅ quick and easy installation

Camera Specifications:

  • Model: IPC-HFW2849S-S-IL-0280B;
  • Standard: TCP/IP;
  • Tube housing: metal;
  • Lens: fixed focal length 2.8 mm ;
  • Sensor: 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS;
  • Resolution: 8 Mpx ;
  • Viewing angle: 111°;
  • Memory card slot: MicroSD up to 256GB;
  • Recording speed: 20 fps @ 8.3 Mpx
  • Audio: built-in microphone, sound detection;
  • Features that correct image quality ;
  • LED/IR illuminator: up to 30 meters ;
  • IVS analysis: intrusion, crossing the line;
  • SMD+ - searching for an object classified as: human, motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle;
  • Image compression method: H.265+/H.265/;H.264+/H.264;
  • Application: outdoor facilities;
  • Tightness class: IP67 ;
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to 60 °C;
  • Power consumption: max. 4.4 W @ PoE max. 3.8W@12V;
  • Power supply: POE , 12 V DC;
  • Dimensions: 162 x 70 x 70 mm

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