Dahua 4MP PTZ Camera POE+ SD6C3425XB-HNR-A-PV1 25x Optical Zoom WizSense IR 150m Full-color IP66 Speed Dome Security IP Camera

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DH-SD6C3425XB-HNR-A-PV1 | 4MP 25x Starlight IR WizSense Network PTZ Camera, 4.8 – 120mm Vari-focal, 150m IR, IP66, IVS, SMD, 120dB WDR, RJ45, 256GB Micro SD Card, PoE

Launched by Dahua Technology, WizSense is a series of AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chips and deep learning algorithms. It focuses on humans and vehicles with high accuracy, enabling users to act fast on defined targets. Based on Dahua's advanced technologies, WizSense provides intelligent, simple, and inclusive products and solutions.

Featuring powerful optical zoom and accurate pan/tilt/zoom performance, this camera provides an all-in-one solution for capturing long-distance video surveillance for outdoor applications. Together with infrared illumination and Starlight Technology, the camera is the perfect solution for dark, low-light applications. The series combines a day/night mechanical IR cut filter for the highest image quality in variable lighting conditions during the day and True WDR for applications with direct sunlight or glare.

Product Features:

> 1/2.8" 4 Megapixel STARVIS™ CMOS

> Powerful 25x optical zoom

> Starlight technology

> IR distance up to 150 m

> Perimeter protection

> Face detection

> Metadata

> Full-color illuminator; red and blue warning light

> IP66

> Smart dual illuminators (recommended to use within 50 m)



Starlight Technology

For challenging low-light conditions, Dahua's Starlight Ultra-Low Light Technology offers the best in light sensitivity, capturing color in vivid detail, even in lighting as low as 0.005 lux. The camera uses a set of optical features to balance light throughout the scene, producing clear images in dark environments.

Perimeter Protection

Automatically filters out false alarms caused by animals, rustling leaves, bright lights, and more, and uses secondary recognition during target detection to improve alarm accuracy.

Smart Capture

Supports human, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle image capture.

Face Detection

Supports 6 attributes and 8 expressions: Gender, age, glasses, mask, beard, and expressions (anger, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise, calm, happiness, and confusion). It also supports face cutout settings: Face, and single-inch photo. Three snapshot methods are also featured: Real-time snapshot, priority snapshot, and quality priority.

PFA Technology

PFA technology has introduced new methods of judgment that ensure the accuracy and predictability of the direction of subject distance adjustment. The result is a set of advanced focusing algorithms that ensure image clarity when zooming and shorten focus time. This makes the camera highly advanced in its functions, improving the quality of your experience.

Siren and Light Active Deterrence

The camera supports the red and blue light alarm and voice alarm when a perimeter event occurs, to realize deterrence and effective intervention. The camera is built in the alarm voice and supports customized voice importing.


Why choose this camera model?

✅ Starlight - very low lighting is enough to obtain a clear color image

✅ IVS analysis - Intelligent image analysis (intrusion, line crossing)

✅ SMD PLUS - search for a classified object (human, motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle)

✅ has remote live viewing in the manufacturer's application

✅ the camera has image archiving functions via a microSD card up to 256 GB - no need to install an additional recorder

✅ motion detection - intelligent image analysis allows the camera to send immediate notifications when an intruder's movement is detected

✅ sound detection - has a function thanks to which it reacts to any disturbing signal

✅ has a built-in microphone - allows you to record and record sound

✅ IR illuminator with a range of 50 m allows the camera to process good quality images in complete darkness

✅ thanks to the IP67 tightness class , it guarantees full resistance to strong water streams and dust - it can be installed outdoors

✅ POE power supply - the camera can be powered via twisted pair (UTP) or from a 12V power supply.

✅ gives you the freedom to install it inside or outside the house

For whom? what installation location?

The camera will be great for:

✅ Single-family houses

✅ Warehouses

✅ Shops

✅ Parking lots

✅ Farms

✅ Schools

Artificial intelligence - filtering SMD+ false alarms

The WizSense series uses AI self-learning technology - Smart Motion Detection Plus (SMD+) to distinguish objects appearing in the frame and filter out alarms. This technology can distinguish between a person, a car or a small animal. Small animals, moving leaves, rain or falling shadows do not trigger an alarm.

SMD+ false alarm filtering

The camera uses artificial intelligence (AI) self-learning technology to distinguish objects appearing in the frame and filter out alarms.

This technology can distinguish between a person, a car or a small animal. Small animals, moving leaves, rain or falling shadows do not trigger an alarm.

Intelligent image analysis

The  camera has a built-in motion detection algorithm , which allows you to record images only when motion is detected in a given zone. Sound detection will immediately inform you about the detection of any unusual noise. This function significantly increases the amount of recorded material at important moments.

Thanks to the built-in PIR motion sensor , you will receive an immediate warning on your phone. You will access the camera, see what is happening and take action in time. By configuring motion sensitivity and PIR scheduling, you can make your camera smarter to catch what really matters.

The camera is also equipped with intelligent IVS image analysis . From the device menu, WEB browser and Smart PSS client program, we can configure four additional alarm functions:

✅ Crossing the Line

✅ Intrusion/leaving the area

✅ Change of scene

✅ Sound detection

Remote viewing on mobile devices (Android, iOS)

Dahua offers access to free DMSS client software for its products . The software is used to preview the image and manage camera configuration.

Additionally, it has the function:

✅ share your device with other users

✅ Playback of video recordings

✅ Real-time image recording

✅ remote control of security systems

✅ convenient and safe login using fingerprints

✅ e-map support

✅ displaying alarm messages

✅ advanced search by events

Other digital image correction functions and additional possibilities:

✅ ROI - improving the quality of selected image fragments

✅ NAS support - Network Attached Storage - allows you to connect memory resources directly to the computer network

✅ Day/night mode

✅ ICR - Mechanical infrared filter

✅ Automatic white balance

✅ AGC - Automatic image gain adjustment

✅ Customizable privacy zones

✅ Ability to change resolution, quality and bandwidth

✅ Mirror - Mirror image

Waterproof housing with IP67 tightness class

Image compression method - intelligent H.265+ codec

Signal coding using the H.265+ algorithm allows you to optimize the basic functions of the camera. This algorithm enables better use of network bandwidth, significantly reduces interference and guarantees a long archiving time of recordings without compromising image quality.

The use of the H.265+ codec allows you to save approximately 50% of space compared to the H.265 version, and over 90% compared to the older version of the codec - H.264 .

3 ways to connect

✅ via PoE recorder

✅ via PoE switch

✅ via router

PoE technology is a simple way to connect IP monitoring in key places with one cable (video and power) . Traditional PoE technology allows you to power devices located up to 100 meters away (802.3af standard, when using CAT.5 cabling).

List of devices:

1. PoE camera

2. PoE recorder

3. Router

4. Mobile devices/PC

5. Monitor/TV

6. PoE switch

Why should you trust us?

Our specialists test all the devices we have in stock before introducing them to our offer - we check the parameters, quality and functionality of each equipment. We do not sell even the most popular HikVision products if they have hidden defects and do not pass our quality test. We will never offer you equipment that will stop working after a year of use. We know that trust takes a long time to build and we certainly don't want to disappoint you.

Additionally you get:

✅  Individual technical support from specialized specialists

✅  Hassle-free exchange or return if the selected equipment does not meet your expectations

✅  Free access to our series of guides, reviews and online rankings

✅  Notifications about every stage of order fulfillment

✅  Safe delivery of the products you purchased

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